Monday Getaway

Howdy... yee-haa.... It was a sunny day when "the block (aze, iz, nash, peepo)," headed by Peepo, decided to have a getaway. We didn't plan anything. It just happened. Take note: it's not the last, just the first... (haha)

Anyway, we unanimously decided to cut all our classes from 9 am- 6 pm. A stupid idea? not quite... in fact, the "quality" time we spent outside class was rather productive... (not reproductive!)

Moving on, we took a cab and headed to Brooklyn Pizza along Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, which Peepo claims to be Julio Vargas... (bwahaha). I still want to believe that Tuesday Vargas is the grand daughter of Julia Vargas. Anyway, the food was sumptuous. My tummy was full at an instant. I dont know about Azelle, Iz, and Peepo, who have very big tummies.

la union baguio
Our pizza came in 4 delicious flavors

We went next to SM Megamall. We were supposed to see a movie entitled Pamana... which I thought was highly anticipated by many- that does not include us... y'all know why...
For some unfortunate reasons, Peepo had to type his freaking group paper. To hell with his groupmates! bwahaha... Because of that, our movie trip had to be cancelled. That made Isobel and I so disappointed. We waited for hours. We walked through the whole mall. I bought a shirt from Penshoppe. Isobel saw her foreigner/model/crush, who turned out to have a sugar gay daddy. hehehe! By the way, Iz's attention was called by a guy who whispered "si Michelle (Bayle)," loud enough to be heard by Iz. I didnt hear it but I'm sure Iz wouldn't lie to me coz her hips don't lie. bwahaha... I had blisters on my feet.. God, it hurts until now... Fuck the sneakers... Movie trip cancelled, we went back to school to fix some things and lessen our luggages. Also, in Megamall, Peepo couldn't help himself from doing his crazy dance routine/ floor exercise. By just looking at him, I almost wanted to sink underground. Another thing, Aze, Peepo, and Isobel spitted at SM Megamall's Ice Skating Rink.

la union baguio
Is Peepo aspiring to be Nelly or Salbakutah?
Azelle: uhm, Abu Sayyaf!

Disclaimer: Maybe you are wonderin why I always talk about Peepo. Don't get me wrong. Probably, he was just the star of the day... or perhaps, Pa-Star of the day... Right Azelle?

la union baguio
Nash and Isobel, with blistered feet, seated on a couch, at People are People

We reached school (UA&P of course). Peepo realized that he had lost his student pass. Karma is that you?! Prior to everything else, he took a student pass that he saw on the floor and kept it for later use. It is justice. He got what he deserved. bwahaha!

After fixing ourselves up, we took a stroll all the way to the Podium. As usual, people were scarce. We went to different shops, which include Topshop/Topman, Bayo, Stoked, Viktor (Jeans), Celio, and a whole lot more. I saw a baggy pair of pants in Topman. And what can I say, I just love it. If I had the money during that time, I could have bought it already. But there is always a next time. Lucky me! After finishing our window shopping experience, we ate our merienda at Go Nuts Donuts! Yummy... Again, Peepo ate like there's no tomorrow...

Since we still have time, we rushed to St. Francis Square. It was my first time there and the place was nearly a disaster. It was chaotic. The goodies were just priced right. However, I hated seeing a thousand counterfeiters of signature clothing and apparel. They sucked! It was already night time and we had to go back to school. Isobel was also in a hurry to attend her last class which was at 6 pm. We got back to school in the nick of time...

la union baguio
Counterfeiters at St. Francis Square surely do not know their ABCs
"Scatch Tape" why not?
The most exciting thing that happened to us that day was the nipple pinching and butt spanking episode. It was fun. fun. fun. fun. I won that game. Guess who lost? Again, it's Peepo. I would also like to congratulate Isobel and Azelle for a job well done.... (this is not so over yet... errrr!)
And just like all fairytale stories, our journey has come to an end... =)
Til next time, Ciao!


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