Apple Fans Call the Galaxy S III Cheap Plastic

Remember the Galaxy S III ad Samsung has come up to deride the iPhone 5? Well, it didn't take long before Apple fans hit back at Samsung. And yes, even Nokia fans joined the frenzy.

In Apple's version of the advertisement, the copy reads: "Don't settle for cheap plastic." This is a downright insult to the Galaxy S III's design and construction, which is mainly built with hyper-glazed plastic. While using a plastic material enables NFC (which the iPhone 5 does not have due to its aluminum and glass body) and makes the smartphone significantly lighter, it doesn't do much for the Galaxy S III's looks. This is not to say that hardened plastic is not a good material. It's just that plastic doesn't look right for a high-end flagship phone like the Galaxy S III. Take a look at the Nokia Lumia 900 or perhaps its elegantly designed Android cousin, the HTC One X (which is made of aluminum). Then again, the looks is not the Galaxy S III's selling point. It's beyond looks. With the Galaxy S III, we are talking about quad-core processors, more horsepower, higher capacity battery, expandable storage, and whatnot...So you see, it's about the specs.

apple vs samsung
Image by GSMArena
In the ad above, you will see how Apple fans removed "NFC" and other features of the Galaxy S III and populated the iPhone 5's column with its other notable features that Samsung seemed to have forgotten. This goes without saying that the omission of specific features from both phones was a calculated move from both Samsung and Apple fans for marketing purposes to show that their product is superior to the other. It must be noted though that there are some wrong information with regard to the listed specifications of the iPhone 5. For one, it doesn't have a quad-core CPU. But other than that, information stated above about the iPhone 5 is accurate. So, it does have these extra features to brag about. But in the end, if it's just about having the most number of features, I think the Galaxy S III will win, no question about it.

iphone vs lumia
Image by GSMArena
Not allowing their favorite smartphone brand to be easily outdone by the iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia fans came up with their own version of Samsung's ad. This time, it's iPhone 5 versus the yet-to-be-released Nokia Lumia 920. Based on the ad's copy, which reads: "Flyweight contender, meet the heavyweight champion," the iPhone 5 seems to face a tough competition from the Nokia Lumia 920. While the latter hasn't been released on the market yet, it definitely looks promising. And while the Lumia 920 can't match the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S III (in terms of sheer number), it will surely give the iPhone 5 (and Galaxy S III as well) a run for its money.

How about you guys? Do you agree with these mock-up iPhone 5 and Lumia 920 ads? Tell me your thoughts.

Til then...

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