EXCLUSIVE: Soho Bar and Lounge

Good news! A new party place has officially opened its doors in Ortigas Center.

Bad news! You are not invited.

Situated at Greenfield District just across the posh Shangri-La Mall, Soho Bar and Lounge has already captured the hearts of metro's hottest partyphiles!

soho bar and lounge

Why name it Soho?

Soho is short for So Hot! The place is fully air-conditioned but the people who party...they are hot as hell. Believe me! All of our guests/friends are just too hot to handle. Sometimes, Soho also stands for So Ho***. Lol!

How is Soho Bar and Lounge different from other clubs/bars?

Republiq, Opus, Skye, Seventh High, Distillery, Prive, you name it! Soho Bar and Lounge is different because it's on a league of its own. Access is by invitation only. Overflowing cocktail drinks, wine, cheese, chips, nuts...you name it! Soho has it. It's all for free.

How to score invites?

First, you have to be friends with us or at least, get acquainted with any of us. You may also send your application for invitation through email. Don't forget to attach a real picture of you and of course, your contact details. We'll give you a call if we think you have what it takes to join us. Once your application is denied, sorry. We do not reconsider nor read letters of appeal. If you get a call, then prepare for the happiest moment of your life.

How many member does Soho have to date?

Currently, Soho has more or less 30 exclusive and VIP members.

Can I pay to get an invite?

Sure you may. But the management still reserves the right to bar anyone from entering.

Okay. I'm just kidding. Soho Bar and Lounge is not really a club or bar of some sort. It's just a place for our get-togethers where we hang out, chill, sing, dance, drink, get trashed, and sometimes sleep. Honestly, I just want to blog about it because I feel at home every time I'm there. It's just the place to be. If you want to crash to any of our parties, e-mail me. You just might score an invite.

soho bar and lounge

Til then...

xoxo Nash
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