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Hey guys, I've got something for you! You love answering polls, right? Especially if it's something that has a direct effect on you. Mock Polls Philippines believes that your opinion matters. And there's no better time to answer such polls than now...especially that the Anti-Cyber Crime Law has been passed. Other issues of national interest such as the RH Bill, Freedom of Information Bill, Territorial Issues are on the line too. Join me in answering this poll and tell to these peoples' faces how much you like or hate them!

elections 2010

But first, let me clarify that I am NOT a political blogger. As much as possible, I do not want to feature anything on my blog that relates to politics. But this one is just too irresistible to resist. So do check it out after the break.

elections 2010

All you need is just a Facebook account that you will use for signing up and voila! you're good to go! So do you love or hate, PNoy? How about VP Binay? What do you think of Senator Sotto? There's no better way to express how you feel about them than voting here.

elections 2010
See who's leading now! Your vote can change all these. It's all in your hands.

elections 2010

Visit Mock Polls Philippines website today!

Til then...

xoxo Nash


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