Samsung Galaxy S III On Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean!

Three weeks since Android 4.1 Jelly Bean first started seeding on Samsung Galaxy S III devices in Europe, the much anticipated update has finally arrived in the Philippines. And I'll waste no time to give you a blow-by-blow review of Android's latest for Samsung's greatest.

galaxy s iii
Image by Phandroid
According to, which happens to be my favorite tech blog and review site, the new features of the Samsung Galaxy S III running on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean are the following:
  • Project Butter - smoother UI animations with higher frame rate
  • Google Now
  • Blocking mode
  • Offline voice typing support
  • Better notification area with expandable notifications
  • Two different homescreen modes
  • Pop-up play window is now resizable
  • Smoother and faster web browser
  • New in-call features - boost loudness and turn on/off noise cancellation
  • Video recording pause/resume functionality
  • Enhanced brightness control
  • Easier widgets management
  • Reorganized Settings menu
But I'll add some more features, which were not mentioned above. These include:
  • Ability to customize Messaging app with background photos
  • New app folder layout
  • More free RAM storage
  • Improved Music Player interface (including the widget)
  • New apps such as Voice Search and Help
  • Refreshed icons and widgets
  • Bigger keyboard for easier typing
  • Retained support for Adobe Flash Player
We all know that Samsung's flagship smartphone already has one of the smoothest UI animations among Android devices but with Project Butter under Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, it has just gotten better. No lags. Higher frame rate. Snappier. It just feels so right, perfect, and definitely high-end.

galaxy s iii
Image by Recombu
Some of the changes that I did like include Google Now. This is Android's answer to iOS's Siri. This is also a better version of Samsung's own S-Voice. With Google Now, you can either type or talk to it and the app will give you a reply. However, if there's no immediate answer to your question, Google Now will simply initiate a Google web search. Google Now is activated with a press-and-hold of the menu button.

galaxy s iii
Image by Widefide
Another new feature that comes in handy is the Easy Mode, which brings a few new widgets with larger buttons, as well as your favorite contacts, favorite apps and a keypad on your home screen. This should allow you to use your Galaxy S III with everything on your home screen and avoid dealing with complicated menus.

galaxy s iii
Image by Huzoorbux
Then we also have the Blocking Mode, which is similar to iOS's Do Not Disturb feature. If turned on, the Blocking Mode will mute incoming calls, sound and LED notifications, as well as alarms. Like DND, it also has an exception list where you can add some contacts that won't be affected by its restrictions.

galaxy s iii
Image by Shimworld
As mentioned earlier, there are many other changes to the smartphone and it's always exciting to discover them yourself. Also, with the Jelly Bean update, the Galaxy S III is said to have a longer web browsing time, same talk time duration, and a little shorter video playback time. But these are nothing to be worried about. Below is GSMArena's Galaxy S III Official Jelly Bean ROM hands-on video:

While most of the updates/upgrades Samsung did for the Galaxy S III were incremental, they definitely contribute a lot to overall user experience. It's like you're using a new smartphone again. Everything is just so fast, vivid, and responsive. That my friend is the new and improved Samsung Galaxy S III.

Do check out my original Galaxy S III product review here.

Til then...

xoxo Nash


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