The Drop Test: Google Nexus 7 VS iPad mini

Last time, we saw the Apple iPhone 5 competed with the Samsung Galaxy S III for the ultimate drop test. Now, it is time to weigh in their bigger relatives to see who's the sturdiest of them all.

It's the Google Nexus 7 versus the Apple iPad mini. Two great 7-inch-something tablets but only one will win. Are you ready?

Warning: These videos are not for the squeamish. Lol.

Both devices were dropped three times and one of them stopped working already.

Yes, the Apple tablet wins yet again. The touchscreen of the Google Nexus 7 stopped working after the second drop. Congratulations to the iPad mini! Great build quality indeed.

Guys, please don't drop your precious devices, whether it's Android-powered or iOS. Extra care must be practiced all the time.

Note: This is just a random drop test and is not some well-calculated, scientific test. Video courtesy of Android Authority.

Til then...

xoxo Nash


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