Xtina's Lotus Album Preview

Christina Aguilera has just released 6 more songs from her upcoming album, Lotus, on her official VEVO account. She's so back and fiercer than ever. Her red hair streaks. Her spiked platform heels. Her shiny blings. Her red lips. Her new album, Lotus, is much much bigger than all these. And for a good reason, she had a duet with country star Blake Shelton for Just A Fool. She has featured Grammy-winner Cee Lo Green in Make The World Move. But have you listened to Blank Page? This is arguably her best ballad to date.

Here's the audio clip for Blank Page. Beautiful lyrics. Beautiful melody. She deserves a Grammy for this.

Check out the Intro track of her Lotus album here. She said that the whole album is a labor of love.

Next is Army of Me, which is described as Fighter 2.0 by her, her fans, and music critics. It's basically about empowerment.

Up next is her duet with Blake Shelton in Just A Fool. Soulful indeed. Another one of my faves.

Then we have here Make The World Move, which features Cee Lo Green on backing vocals.

Last but not the least is Let There Be Love. An upbeat song by producer Max Martin.

Which is your favorite among the 6 songs? Tell me on the Comments Section.

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