Cute Stuff for Half the Price!

I passed by Puregold and found these. My gosh, I couldn't believe it. Six cute stuffed toys for just PhP225. It's a bargain indeed. And they're not of cheap quality. They actually look decent. At first, I thought of giving them to my niece but then I realized that they are so cute to be given away. I decided to put them at the back of my car (not the trunk, okay?) so that when I get stuck in traffic, the car next to me will see these cuddly cute stuff looking back at them. Awww!

stuffed toys
Family Portrait
stuffed toys
Wacky Pose
I can't wait to bring them for an out-of-town trip or maybe just a stroll in the city. Haha!
What are your thoughts on them? Do you find them cute as well? =)

Til then...

xoxo Nash


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