HTC Calls the Samsung Galaxy S4 #TheNextBigFlop

What do you think of HTC calling Samsung's newly launched Galaxy S 4, "the next big flop"?

Historically, Samsung Galaxy S Series smartphones have performed better than the HTC One Series. With this, what do you think is the basis of HTC for calling Samsung's newest baby a flop?

Whatever reason HTC has for saying that, its official Twitter account did just that by calling today’s Galaxy S 4 announcement #TheNextBigFlop. Could HTC be just bitter that its sales are not as high as Samsung? Could it be just a tongue-in-cheek comment by one HTC Twitter admin? Could it be because HTC is no longer as popular as it used to be, particularly with the One Series?

The answer is crystal clear. HTC’s Chief Marketing Officer Ben Ho continued the bitter remarks to hype up their new HTC One flagship. Here's what he had to say:


So basically, HTC is banking on the One's aluminum unibody in calling the Galaxy S 4 a flop. But how can a smartphone that hasn't been released in the market be called a flop? When one's phone is made of aluminum or whatever more expensive material and the other is made just of cheap plastic, does that make the latter a flop?

I'm not taking sides but clearly one of them is not telling the truth. You decide!


Til then...

xoxo Nash


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