'Google Now' is Now Available on iOS

Apple fans are about to get Google's intelligent assistant app Google Now, as the search engine company has made the app available to iOS users. Google Now, which was previously only available for Android, pushes out information when you need it, such as the temperature while getting dressed in the morning, alerts when there's more traffic than usual and updates on news stories you've been following.

google now
Image by Mashable
Coupled with criticism from Apple Maps and mixed Siri reviews, the introduction of Google Now to iOS makes Apple's software less relevant, as users can opt for even more Google products over the company's existing features. However, if Google wanted to give Apple users a reason to switch to Android, that reason has been taken away.

Google Now for iOS recognizes voice and actually looks better than its Android peer but can’t quite match the functionality of the Google OS version. For example, you can’t interact with the iOS – you can’t invoke a call or a navigation route, you can’t setup an alarm, do a text a message or a note, etc. Also, Google Now on iOS doesn’t speak. To experience Google Now’s complete functionality you’ll need to use Google services instead of the iOS defaults.

Download Google Now for iOS HERE


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