Tim Cook Apologizes Yet Again for iPhone Warranty Issues

Apple was under fire again, this time from the Chinese media due to issues related to the warranty of the iPhone in China, specifically those for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. Instead of replacing the phones entirely, which require Apple to reset the one year warranty period from that point as per Chinese Law, the Cupertino company was simply choosing to replace key components. In contrast, the company always chooses to replace the handsets in the US.

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To directly address this issue, Apple's CEO Tim Cook released a letter on the Chinese Apple website, where he apologized for the discontent among some customers and offered a four-point solution to the problem, involving changing the iPhone 4 and 4S repair policy, providing clear repair and warranty replacement statement on the website to avoid further confusion, more training for the Apple Authorized Service Provider, and ensuring customers are able to easily contact Apple Feedback Service.

tim cook apple
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Apple is hoping this would be enough to pacify the Chinese customers and media. Apple wouldn't have bothered with a public apology had they not seen this as a major issue. As usual, the company claims to remain committed to providing a satisfactory customer experience.

THIS JUST IN! Apple’s public apology in China over its confusing warranty policy has prompted a rapid turnaround by the country’s state-controlled media, with newspapers previously decrying the iPhone maker now describing it as an example for American firms to follow. CEO Tim Cook put his name to a rare apology on Monday, after being blasted in China for how iPhone after-sales was handled.

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