GeeksPhone's Keon and Peak Runs on Firefox OS

GeeksPhone just released two new smartphones running on the first generation of HTML 5-based Firefox OS: Keon and Peak. Both devices were announced a while back and the company has now revealed info on their availability and pricing.

Image by GSMArena
GeekPhone Keon will set you back €91 (about $120) and the Peak will cost you €149 (about $195). Neither price includes taxes so, depending on your country, the final price will probably be higher. Nevertheless, both models will still be affordable. Now, the question is what Firefox OS brings to the table: games? applications? wallpapers? anyone?

The Keon and Peak will be available from GeeksPhone's online shop and both smartphones can be shipped worldwide. Will you be getting you just for the sake of trying one?


Til then...

xoxo Nash


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