Viber for Windows- and Mac-Powered Desktops

Viber has just been released for Windows and Mac PC’s, bringing the popular cross-platform VoIP service to desktops. If you’re looking for an alternative to Skype or iMessage, Viber now gives users the ability to place calls not only to other mobile users, but also to desktops and laptops.

Image by GSMArena

Setting up Viber Desktop uses the same process that the popular mobile app uses, with your mobile number being used as your unique user ID. Your contacts who have Viber are automatically added from your contact list, and are seamlessly synced between your mobile and desktop versions.

The new desktop version coincides with version 3.0 of the popular platform, which adds significant updates to the mobile (Android, iOS, and BlackBerry) versions of the app, but also include video messages, enhanced photo support, a new voice engine, and support for some 20 languages overall.

Download Viber for Windows here

Download Viber for Mac here


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