Introducing the Pebble Time Steel

A week ago, Pebble has unveiled Pebble Time through Kickstarter. It's only a matter of time that we introduce you to the Pebble Time Steel. It is identical to the Pebble Time in terms of features - the e-paper color display, the built-in microphone and the Gorilla Glass coating. It's just made of metal this time and has added a bunch of new features such as a longer 10-day battery capacity, a laminated display, and the textured grip of its buttons. It will also come in a variety of colors and bands: silver body with stone leather wristband, gunmetal black with black leather and gold with red leather. Any takers? costs a little more expensive: $250 if you pledge through Kickstarter (the final retail version will sell for $300).

pebble time steel
Image by Kickstarter
Like the Pebble Time, the Pebble Time Steel is expected to ship in July 2015. It will be a little more expensive at $250 if you pledge through Kickstarter. Its final retail version will sell for $300.


Til then...

xoxo Nash


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