The Swatch Touch Zero One Smartwatch

Renowned Swiss timepiece-maker Swatch has somehow joined the bandwagon by releasing its own smartwatch called the Touch Zero One. Running on a proprietary OS, not Android Wear, the Swatch smartwatch has been created with beach volleyball players in mind. With the help of several sensors, the Swatch Touch Zero One can distinguish between attack hits, low hits, high hits, and high fives. It also counts your steps and computes the distance you've traveled during the game. All of the data is sent to an accompanying smartphone app and computes a score that is displayed on your watch. The scores rate your volleyball playing talent on a scale of 0 to 100. Graphs mark your progress over several months, and you get to see how many calories you've burned playing the game.

Unlike typical smartwatches, the Swatch Touch Zero One does not provide notifications for email, messages, calls, etc. It does not even allow you to control your smartphone. However, one great thing about this smartwatch is that it can go for months without recharging. Like most smartwatches, it requires an accompanying app called Touch Zero One, which can be downloaded on your Android or Windows Phone-powered smartphone. It is said to be available May 2015 but no official pricing has been given.


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