A Smorgasbord of Cosmo Bash 2012 Pictures

Need I say more? The title speaks for itself. So here are some of the pics from the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2012 held at the World Trade Center last September 18. Only the main centerfold, Paulo Avelino, failed to appear on stage. The rest were there as well as the 69 bachelors.

NOTE: You may ask permission from me if you want to grab/repost the photos below.

Let's start with the 10 9 Cosmopolitan Centerfolds:

Alden Richards as a pizza delivery boy?
Ian Batherson as pulis patola
Ian Batherson again..
JM De Guzman
John Spainhour
John Spainhour flexing...
Joseph Marco
Joseph Marco again
Was Markki Stroem wearing undies?
Markki Stroem about to take a bath
Mikael Daez
The Semerad Twins with a girl from the audience
David and Anthony Semerad
No solo picture for John James Uy while Paulo Avelino was missing in action.

More pictures of other models and celebrities after the jump!

 As promised, here's more of them:

Andrew Wolff
Anton Del Rosario
Anton Del Rosario again...
Daniel Matsunaga
Daniel Matsunaga back to back!
Enzo Pineda
Fabio Ide...is that milk?
James Blanco
Yes, James  Blanco is back!
JC Tiuseco
Jon Hall
Luke Landrigan
Luke Landrigan again...
Luke Landrigan for the third time coz he's a friend (feeling close!)
Sam Ajdani
Sam Ajdani again...
Tom Rodriguez

Hideo Muraoka, Baron Geisler, and Fabio Ide
Kris Lomotan
Vince Ferraren
Because I want my readers to be happy, more pictures for you below:

The Centerfolds

Where's Rocco Nacino?

Host Menchu Antigua with a guy w/blindfold -> SAM?!
So there you have it guys! I hope you enjoyed viewing all the pictures above.

NOTE: NO STEALING OF PHOTOS PLEASE. You may ask permission from me if you want to grab/repost them.

Til then...
xoxo Nash


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