On Winning the Samsung Olympic Games Promo

This just in and I didn't expect it. I was chosen as one of the winners of London2012 Olympic Games promo by Samsung on the Samsung App Market.


This came as a surprise considering the number of possible raffle entries to the said contest. It says on their page that I won a Samsung App Voucher, which I can use to buy applications, even games, from the Samsung App Market. I expect to get the voucher tomorrow, September 7, as stated on their website.


I'm now thinking of which apps to purchase. I really hope that the voucher is at least worth PhP1,000 so that I could buy at least 4 premium apps. I'm really excited and I can't contain it. I'm now starting to love Samsung as a brand. Although my switch to Galaxy S III was not at all a surprise, I was also thinking of getting the iPhone's latest iteration coming next week. But then again, I already bought an S III and I love it.

I actually plan to do a review on it in the days to come.

Til then...

xoxo Nash


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