Charing Pempengco Has Finally Come Out (Of Her Shell)

As promised, I will be featuring Twitter Parody Superstars in my blog.

I know you love them. That's why I decided to come up with an exclusive Q&A with your favorite Twitter Parody Superstars! Let's get to know them better.

She's the penultimate international YouTube sensation. She has paved way for Filipino stars to enter the international arena. And did I mention that she's friends with Ellen and Oprah? She's the lovely and captivating Charing Pempengco.

twitter parody account


Q: What made you decide to come up with a parody account?

Charing: Twitter bored me to death until I met @superstarmarian and @krizzy_kalerQUI. I loved how outspoken they were. It amazed me how such anonymity could gain a huge following. That was when I realized, hey, I have a lot of opinions and ideas under my sleeve, so why not voice it out in that same anonymity. I could, at the same time, avoid a personal and direct attack. Just the thought was enough to convince me to take such action as set up a parody account. The first to come to mind was the most talked-about and highly criticized, Charice Pempengco. And as to why I chose her, find out in the next question. #CHICHAROT! Nakakawasak ng ulo ang pag-eenglish ah! Try niyo para malaman niyo ang nararamdaman ko everytaym I try to speak English on X-Factor Pilifins!

Q: What is your edge over other parody accounts? 

Charing: Honestly, I don’t even think of the other parody accounts as rivals. We’re great friends and we flood each other’s Interactions (Hello @jobertsucaldito, @angellokring, now @ruffaguchenez @Queen_Barubal @BUNGALNGAL!). But one thing that could set me apart from these fellow parody accounts is that my alter-ego is one of the most POLARIZING public figures in the Philippines. You love her. You hate her. People are confused on what to feel about her. Should they feel Pinoy pride or should they just continuously mock her outrageous appearance. That kind of thought-provocation will make me last in this fast-paced Internet world. Tsaka parang forever na rin naman yung 120-day TRO ng Supreme Court sa Cyber Crime Law kasi sa December 21, magugunaw na ang mundo! No fear. #CHICHAROT!

Q: Is it hard to maintain a parody account?

Charing: Things will only feel tiring, sweat-inducing, and mind cracking (or hair-raising, handshaking, lahat naaaaa!) IF you DO NOT like what you’re doing. Since ginusto ko to, at masaya ako sa ginagawa ko, I don’t feel like it’s taking away all my energy at all. It’s my gateway, my vent, my alter-universe. This is my confessional. Why should I feel tired? For a fact, it’s doing the opposite. It recharges, refreshes and reloads my system. It’s been lovely.

Q: How do you separate your actual self from your alter ego?

Charing: #CHICHALURKY ka talaga Nashy Behati! Pang psychology ang iyong mga questions! Bagay na bagay kay chars @superstarmarian! #CHICHAROT! Anyway, my alter-ego and I are like egg whites and egg yolks. We are within the same sphere of existence but separated by a line. I know my real self as much as I know my alter-ego. My alter-ego is more aggressive, konsumisyon-relieving (kalerQUI?), and more opinionated than my real self. But no matter how distinct we are, we think the same. I just make it a point that what my alter-ego says on Twitter, stays on Twitter. #CHICHAROT!

Q: What word best describes you as a "parody account"?

Charing: Hindi pakialamera, hindi echosera, hindi rin basta palengkera, (lost my train of thought. Lols) Hindi basta-basta nagbibitiw ng mga salita. Malakas ang loob, walang takot, except kung may magreklamo at ipakulong ako! Haha! CHICHAROT!


Q: Are you a Kapuso, a Kapamilya, or a Kapatid?

Charing: KABUHOK! #CHICHAROT! I am none of the above. I encompass these networks. I am my own network. Someday. Somehow. Somewhere down the road, mangyayari yan! Abangan, sa Next Picture in cinemas near you! #chicharots. Pero seriously, I don’t understand the necessity of network wars. Hindi ko magets kung bakit masyadong labelled ang mga tao as Kapuso, Kapamilya or Kapatid. Does that even matter kung talent ka ng GMA or ABS-CBN? They are all, at the end of the day, artists. Kung ako lang talaga mayaman, bibilhin ko yang tatlong station nay an at bubuo na lang ng isang malaking network. No more labels. Talents will be better appreciated that way. Minsan kasi, the mere fact na taga-kabilang network ang isang talent, binabalewala na lang ito ng iba.

Q: What is your favorite TV show?

Charice: X Factor, Ellen, Oprah, in short, shows where I am in or where I made a very bonggang appearance! #CHICHARAUGHT! But seriously, I consider these my favourites because of what they serve for up and coming artists, of people with talents, of deserving people to be given recognition (just like me, I mean Madam Charice). Aminin man natin o hindi natin maamin, nagiging stepping stone ng mga hindi kilalang talented people ang mga shows na ito. O diba, paano na lang kung walang Ellen? Eh di mas lalong hindi na-appreciate ng Pilipinas ang kakambal kong si Charice. #CHICHALURKY!

Q: Given a chance to meet a certain celebrity, who would it be?

Charing: Aside from myself (#chicharooot!), I’d like to meet MAH GURL, MAH alter-self, MAH kakambal – Madam Charice Pempengco. I would like to get to know her more. I want to understand her. What makes her controversial as she is that her mere appearance on TV brings out her lovers and her haters all at the same time. Why does her every move critically watched? What’s with her? What’s with her blonde-turned-mocha hair? I want answers and answers I will get. Kaya Nashy Behati, you better set up an appointment with her and I! Magtatanong ka, dapat kaya mong tuparin. #LikeAGenieInABottleBeybeh!

Q: If you could date/marry someone from Philippine showbiz, who would it be? Why?

Charing: Aba. Si Coco Martin siyempre! #ChaCo #CharingCocoLabteam #CHICHAROTMAHAROT! There’s just something about him that’s so mysterious that draws me in. Ha! At siyempre, inisip ko rin talaga ang magiging name n gaming loveteam while I was choosing. And did I mention that he’s just as controversial as MAH HAIR? #CHICHAROT Together with Coco’s charisma and MAH GOLDEN HAIR and MAH haters and MAH LOVERS and kung sino pa man ang hindi ko ni-mention, everyday trending kami sa Twitterverse!

Q: What are your pet peeves? What makes you tick?

Charing: Unintelligible, overly-sensitive people, in short, mga taong makikitid ang utak. Maganda sana’t may utak sila…. Kaso, bakit naging makitid pa?! #chichalurky! I had one experience with a Charice fan(isa lang naman siya. The rest are GREAT Charice fans I had the pleasure meeting) reacting to something I RETWEETED. Nakita niyo na. I just retweeted it and I was lashed with rudeness! That’s what will happen pag walang amendments sa Cyber Crime Law. Magretweet ka lang, makukulong ka na. Pero moving on with the story, affected siya masyado sa niretweet ko and I don’t understand why ako yung inatake niya, not the original poster. Pero keber. No one messes with me and my golden mocha hair! #chicharot! So yun. I never liked unintelligible people.

Q: What is your view on the Cyber Crime Prevention Act?

Charing: Ang galing mo Nashy Behati ah. Dinaig mo pa si Madam Charing sa pagtell mo ng future. #chichalurky! Bat mo nalamang about sa Cyber Crime Law ang huli kong sasabihin? Anyway, continuing my response sa previous question, I think the Cyber Crime Prevention Act of 2012 is full load of SH*T!(Rated SPG). Well, the purpose and the name may be seemingly good, but probing deeper in the provisions of the said law, it’s clearly UNCONSTITUTIONAL. (Oo, alam ko ang meaning ng UNCONSTITUTIONAL) Not only does it violate several pre-existing laws on free speech and internet freedom, it does not provide a clear stipulation of who must be deemed liable, posing threat on anyone surfing the internet. I would rather have my haters throw rocks of ridicule at me than have the freedom of expression be completely stripped from all netizens. I am for AMENDMENT of the Cyber Crime Law. Follow me in this crusade! ARIBA ARIBA! #chicharot!

Q: What is your view on the RH Bill?

Charing: Similar with the Cyber Crime Law, I think what makes the RH Bill disagreeable is the fact that it contains provisions which are encompassing with what is moral and immoral in the eyes of the Church. I think if the lawmakers can make it a point that the RH Bill does not endanger the mortality of people, then it would be more, if not completely, agreeable. The RH Bill is all about a strengthened parenting responsibility. It is not all about stopping the nature of women to give birth but about giving birth responsibly. In the end, it’s all about what’s best for the people. And I am in no position to dictate what it is. #chicharot! #CharingStatement!


Q: Any message to your followers/fans?

Charing: BAKIT ANG KONTI NIYOOOOOO?!! LANGYANG LUYA KAYOOO! FOLLOW NIYO AKOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Please? HAHAHA! Anyway, I love them all. I love that they can understand where I’m coming from. It’s also good to know that several of my followers are actually fans of Charice. They are intelligible enough to understand the sentiments of the one and only, Twitter superstar, @OfficialCharing -- and that, I immensely love. Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me. ☺

Q: What is your message to your bashers/haters?

Meron ba ako niyan??! Parang wala naman eh! #CHICHAROT! I have a few of them. I just try to ignore them as much as I could. Because no matter how I let them understand my side, they have already made their stand against you the moment they sent you a tweet.

Q: Should parody accounts continue to exist? Should they be banned?

Charing: YES and NO. We, parody accounts, are the representative of people who cannot speak what they have in mind and those who are stripped of their right to speak because of highly sensitive individuals. If I may say it, parody accounts give spice to Twiiter, they voice out opinions in a subtle way or in a way na nakakatuwa.

Q: If you could ban a certain parody account on Twitter, who would it be? Why?

Charing: Banning a certain parody account would be taking back everything that I have said several times -- that we are the mouths of people who keep silent. We voice out our opinions freely. If I chose to ban an account, wouldn't that be hypocritical on my part? So I'd say no, I wouldn't ban anyone even if I had to.

Q: Will you reveal your true identity before the world ends?

Charing: Will not, probably. I am not sure about the necessity in such act. The sole purpose of my parody account is anonymity. And that anonymity, I must keep. Gossip Girl lang ang peg. Till The End Of Times, she’s anonymous, sending out random XOXO’s.

Q: Will Twitter be the same without you?

Charing: No. Not ever. Each of us parody accounts has made a mark in the Twitter world. It may not be as enormous as @superstarmarian and @krizzy_kalerQUI's but a mark nonetheless.

As I have said before, we are people exercising in full extent the right to voice out our innermost thoughts and emotions. We are the mouths of the people who have chosen to shut theirs for the fear of being ridiculed. A Twitter without me will be a pasta without the sauce -- bland, insufficient, unenjoyable.

Q: Do you plan to open an account on Facebook or Google+ in the future?

Charing: YES. Already have a Google + account. Hm. Facebook? Maybe. But I think parody accounts function better in Twitter where a celebrity like me (#CHICHAROT!) could interact with followers, fans and bashers alike.

Q: How do you want Twitterverse to remember you?

Charing: I honestly want to avoid being categorized solely as a Charice hater. I classify myself as a satirical personality mocking the Filipinos’ reactions to Charice’s new ‘do, accent, and just basically everything she does. I find it ridiculous how they criticize her so much when months before, they were shouting Pinoy pride because of her. HA! I also wanna be remembered as that someone who reacts with sense and reacts on mostly anything which includes other things that has nothing to do with MAH HAIR and MAH GURLS. #chicharot! Another thing, I want to leave a mark on the Twitterverse through these Charing Expression --- #chicharot, #chichalurky, “O JUICE KO!”, “HOMAYGUS ABELGAS” --- and Charing PILITrends --- #MadamCharingHORRORscope, #BekiEdition, #EnglishSongsGoesOPM, #EnglishBooksPinoyEdition, #BalitangCharing and more to come. HAHA! #CHICHAROOOOOT! – (There I go again!)

------------------------------------------------Q&A ENDS HERE-----------------------------------------------

I personally would like to thank Charing Pempengco for this once in a lifetime Q&A opportunity. More power! I must say that you are very witty and sensible to talk to, Charing. #CHICHAROT

If you can't get enough of Charing Pempengco, follow her on Twitter @OfficialCharing.

Til then...

xoxo Nash


@OfficialCharing, forgive me. I accidentally deleted your comment. But you know, I can't thank you enough for being game and supportive. More power! Love you too! =)

NASHY BEHATI! #chichalurky! THIS IS REALLY IS IT! Hahaha! Well, thank you ng marami talaga Nashy! I love you so much! Salamat sa pagsama sa akin sa proyektong ito! Ikinagagalak kong mapabilang sa iyong BLOGBUSTER HIT na blog. aMORE Powers! #CHICHAROT!


Thank you my dear. #Chicharot!

Nako. anything for you Nashy Behati! :P BOW wawow.

Maraming nagmamahal sa'yo, Nashy! #NashyBehatiForTheWin #KeepCalmAndFollowNashFrias

Anonymous said...

huwaw taray namen ... yan ha abangers ako sa q&a mo charing ... clap clap 100 times yan ha kasama pang nosebleed ramdam ko accent mo eh wagas !!! hahaha at the top behbeh :)

Anonymous said...

galing mo anak!!! You made it with ur golden mocha hair na ilang kilo ng food coloring ang inubos natin para makuha ang perfect tone!! Keep it up charing!


Anonymous said...

Nice nash! Can u also interview krizzie kalerqui? :-)

Thank you for your comment guys! I appreciate it. =)

I already asked Krizzy_Kalerqui. She said she'll think about it. =)


Tagamasid said...

So far, si Lovipoekimo at Charing Pempengco ay may magaling at sensible na mga sagot sa mga tanong ni Nash ;)) Nakakamangha lang na aside from being a "Parody" sometimes a "Mockery" to other celebs eh matatalino ang humahawak ng mga accounts. I was blown by their "nosebleeding" opinions regarding the very sensitive RH Bill and the new "Love-Hate" topic among Filipino netizens which is the Cybercrime Law. These two parody accounts are indeed worthy to be followed on twitter ;)) Xoxo

Salamat Tagamasid. =)

TAGAMASID! Sino ka sa Twitter at nang mafollow back kitaaa?! #chichalurky! Natuwa naman ako sa sinabi mo! I love you na talaga! #MWA! #chicharot! We truly appreciate your comment :) See you on Twitter!

Hoong bait naman ni Tagamasid! Lovi-eeet! ♥♥♥

I'm not sure ate Charing if I'm following you. MOM and I we made tawa on your answers. Hehehe. kalerQUI

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