The Bimby KalerQUI Tell-All Interview!

Twitter Parody Superstars Exclusive Q&A is now on its 3rd week!

All you guys have been asking for an exclusive interview with @krizzy_kalerQUI but it seems that she doesn't want to participate. To make up for it, I have invited no less than her son, Bimby KalerQUI, to answer questions that matter to you and to the entire nation. And if we are lucky, he might just spill some beans about his mother's crazy antics.

Bimby KalerQUI is our second ever male parody account to take the Q&A challenge (after Big Man Frank Drilon). He is Kris Aquino's post-STD baby and favorite son. He is totally cute and entertaining. Did I mention that he is normal (at least, he looks like one)? He has graced the cover of countless magazines and newspapers. He is a topnotch commercial endorser. He is the adopted son of krizzy_kalerQUI and Queen_Barubal. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, please give a round of applause to Bimby KalerQUI (@bbjamesyap).

twitter parody account


Q: What made you decide to come up with a parody account?

Bimby: Kasi I kept seeing MOM making gamit her gadgets to make padala tweets so I got inggit and made one of my own. Hehe. KalerQUI

Q: What is your edge over other parody accounts? 

Bimby: Well, whenever natatalo ako sa isang twitter debate I can go iyak and then make away my opponent by pointing out that they made patol to a 5 year old kid. Hehehehehe.

Q: Is it hard to maintain a parody account?

Bimby: For a 5-year old kid like me? Not really. But I don’t tweet palagi kasi I’m still a kid and MOM doesn’t know that I have twitter. Hehehehe.

Q: How do you separate your actual self from your alter ego?

Bimby: Well, I have lots of alter egos. Hehehe. My followers would know, I’ve had about several by now. So I just make palit whenever I want! Check ‘em out!

twitter parody account
Image by Bimby KalerQUI

Q: What word best describes you as a "parody account"?

Bimby: Fierce


Q: Are you a Kapuso, a Kapamilya, or a Kapatid?

Bimby: I’m a Kapamilya by blood. Hehehehe. Pero if I get offers from other networks, why not.

Q: What is your favorite TV show?

Bimby: Kris TV! Durrr! Hehehehe.

Q: Given a chance to meet a certain celebrity, who would it be?

Bimby: Hmm. I think I’d like to meet… my future handsome self. Hehehehe. KalerQUI. Here’s how I make isip what I’d look like in 15 years.

twitter parody account
Image by Bimby KalerQUI

Q: If you could date/marry someone from Philippine showbiz, who would it be? Why?

Bimby: Ayyyy! Wit ko pang kinekemper yan! Fetuccine pa akels! (ehemm). I mean, nah, I don’t make isip that pa, I’m still bata pa. Hehehe.

Q: What are your pet peeves? What makes you tick?

Bimby: Ironically, YAYA is my pet…and my peeve. And yes, she has a lot of ticks. And it’s not like the kuto or the lisa variety that will make tangay you when you don’t make tiris them. Yaya’s ticks are the garapata variety. Most of the time I can’t make intindi what she’s making sabi kasi she’s so jejemon. KalerQUI!!

Q: What is your view on the Cyber Crime Prevention Act?

Bimby: I saw Ate Lovi ask her Yaya to make sagot so I’ll have MY yaya match hers. Yaya, go!

Yaya: Eiowh powhz! B3mb1 @nd 1 agr33 th@t th3 cyb3rcr1m3 b1LL wa$ 1LL-pr3par3d b4 b31ng s1gn3d 1nt0 law powhz. K@s1 powhz d1ba k1nuh@ lungz $ya $a R3v1s3d P3n@L c0d3? 3h @ng 1nt3rn3t powhz 1z n0t l1k3 wr1tt3n m3d1a wh3r31n r3pr0duct1on 0f th3 0ff3nd1ng mat3r1al 3nta1ls @ctu@l r3pr1nt1ng, wh1l3 $a 1nt3rn3t powhz y0u ju$t r3tw33t 0r Lyk @ p0$t tap0s kuL0ng @gad? Th@t’z s0 unf@1r powhz.

Q: What is your view on the RH Bill?

Bimby: Oh, yaya, go, attack.

Nash Frias: Actually, Bimby, I got dizzy trying to read your Yaya’s answer earlier. Can she NOT type in Jejemon?

Bimby: Fine. Yaya, type your answer as you’d normally make sagot.

Yaya: Shore Bembi. Bembi end I beleebs dat RH bill is neysezari to heylp improbs da layblehods of da peoples. It mey nut solbs paberti rayt awey, bat atlest weh kan help poor pamilees plan beter. Olsow, weemens deserb to habs da rayt to chooses eyp dey want to hab beybees or nuts. Downt geyt as rongs, weh donut supports abortizations, bat weemens shud not bee porsd to lives in a worlds weyr ip dey get reypd or gangbang styles or deyr hasband porses dem to habs sexy tayms dat dey will be prawns to pregansings. Da kerent sestem is beyree patriyarkal end it only keytersz to da needs of mens. Weemens deserbs da rayt to chows. Wan taym, koya James Yap porsd me to hab sexy times with him sow I belibs—

Bimby: That’s enough YAYA! Shut up! (slaps Yaya)

Yaya: Sowee Powhz.


Q: Any message to your followers/fans?

Bimby: Keep drinking NIDO and Solmux. Hehehehe. KalerQUI

twitter parody account
Image by Bimby KalerQUI
twitter parody account
Image by Bimby KalerQUI

Q: What is your message to your bashers/haters?

No comment. Hehehehe.

Q: Should parody accounts continue to exist? Should they be banned?

Bimby: Of course! Kasi actual celebrities and media personalities are a tad too…. boring. They just tweet about Bible quotes and all sorts of kagandahang asal. Parody accounts actually “honor” them by portraying a funny version of them. It makes people like the actual celebs more, diba?

Q: If you could ban a certain parody account on Twitter, who would it be? Why?

Bimby: Probably Bimby Gandanghari. That doppelganger of mine is making agaw my followers! Hehehehe. kalerQUI

Q: Will you reveal your true identity before the world ends?

Bimby: Probably no. Hehehe. MOM might sue me… or worse, block me.

Q: Will Twitter be the same without you?

Bimby: I hope not! If anything, wala nang cute sa twitter. Hehehehe.

twitter parody account
Image by Bimby KalerQUI

Q: Do you plan to open an account on Facebook or Google+ in the future?

Bimby: Gosh, I am so busy I don’t have time to go gawa pa an FB page! Hehehe. kalerQUI

Q: How do you want Twitterverse to remember you?

Bimby: As someone fabulous. And if I had my way… the third portrait in the 1000 peso bill. Hehehehe.

twitter parody account
Image by Bimby KalerQUI

------------------------------------------------Q&A ENDS HERE-----------------------------------------------

I personally would like to thank Bimby KalerQUI for this once in a lifetime Q&A opportunity. More power!

If you can't get enough of Bimby KalerQUI, follow him on Twitter @bbjamesyap.

Til then...

xoxo Nash


Kaloka talaga tong JUNAKIZ ko na ito HAHAHAHAH... #IRubIt Your Yaya Darla talaga kasi tamad maligo kaya dami TICK sa katawan HAHAHAHA

hahaha! =)

Anonymous said...

Nice! Ang hirap basahin nung jejenese ha! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Lovi-eeeet! Buti pala hndi na akels ang Yaya ni Bimby! Magmumukha akong tanga! Ahihihihi.

Bimby KalerQUI is so adorable. I like the pictures of cartoon characters with his face on it!

Anu ba yun, hndi lumabas ang Google account ko, sayang ang comment!
Anyway, Lovi-eeet! Ahihihihi.

Yey!!Thanks kuya Nashi! Hehehehe. Hope you had fun trying to read my Yaya's Jejenese language. #kalerQUI

Darla Sauler said...

da enterbeyow es so beyowteypowl jaz lyk mey. jejejejeje

Kris Aquino (chos!) said...

Bonggels! Natawa ako dun sa jeje reply ni yayabells! ahahahaa! galing! gusto ko interview ni bimby, ang psychotic na anak ni krizzy na ayaw na ayaw may ibang naglolove sa mama niya! aahahaha kalerqui ka! Love love love! i rub it!

@Bimby pinilit kong intindihin si yaya pero sumuko ako! Hahahah!

nakaka'loka si yaya! jejenese ang language! gooossshh!! Hahahaha! xD pero I like the answer of Bimby dun sa tanong sa kanya na "Should parody accounts continue to exist? Should they be banned?" wise answer bimby! ahihihihi.. can't imagine kung si idol lovipoekimo yung magiging yaya ni bimbs,, magwe'welga ako! Hahaha :p

Thanks kaeselin! Actually, ate Lovi just baby sat, wasn'tt really a Yaya. I think she just wanted to make silip my dad when he was bathing. Hehehehe. kalerQUI

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