Villa Cafe Goes Pink for Breast Cancer

Remember Villa Cafe? Yes, it's the Kapampangan-inspired restaurant that embraces the use of regionally sourced ingredients, traditional and contemporary cooking methods with artistic presentation, and it presents a unique dining experience that blends Pampanga flavors with its neighboring influences.

Villa Cafe has tied up with several organizations such as Ministry of Mushrooms, I Can Serve Foundation Inc., and co.lab to GO PINK for Breast Cancer. Don't you think it's just proper when a certain percentage of the total amount of what you eat goes to charitable institutions? Luckily, with this tie-up, Villa Cafe gives 10% of the proceeds to I Can Serve Foundation Inc.

Order an Organic Mushroom Pasta with Pecorino and Truffle Essence only for PhP375 and help people with breast cancer. There's no better way to eat than knowing that you are helping others at the same time.

villa cafe

Speaking of Villa Cafe, I was there last weekend too and got to taste the very rich and delectable Chocolate Sapin Sapin Cake. It was so good! It costs Php350 but hey it's for sharing! The cake is composed of several layers of chocolate that is just too irresistible to eat.

villa cafe

Expect me to post more cool stuff about Villa Cafe in the future. If you still haven't tried eating there, now is the perfect time! Reserve a table today.

Contact Details
Address: 7427 B Glory Building, Yakal St. San Antonio Village, Makati City
Tel. No.: (02)4782659 

Til then...

xoxo Nash


ruffa bektas said...

Fuking cake yan ang mahal lang huh- ruffa bektas

I know pricey nga sya... but it's good! =)

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