2013 Q&A for Twitter Parody Accounts

It's 2013 already and we all have survived the end of the world! And because this calls for a celebration, I decided to come up with another set of exclusive interview questions for Twitter Parody Accounts. Any Twitter Parody Account is free to answer the questions below. They can even attach photos and whatnot to their email.

So, here are my questions. You may choose not to answer those that you don’t feel like answering.
  1. What is your New Year's Resolution?
  2. Are there any significant changes in your Parody Account?
  3. What have you learned in the past year? Did you make new friends? How about enemies?
  4. Any message to your fans, followers, and/or bashers?
  5. How do you want Twitterverse to remember you this year?
  1. Are you happy that the RH Bill is now RH Law? Why or why not?
  2. Are you in favor of the Sin Tax Law? Do you think it is effective?
  3. What is your take on the Kasambahay Law?
  4. Should the Freedom of Information Bill be passed this year? Why?
  5. Who will you vote for in this year's Senatorial/Mid-term Elections? Why?
  1. Which is the best telco/network operator: SMART, Globe, SUN? Why?
  2. What is your favorite smartphone brand/model and why?
  3. If you can invent a whole new device/gadget/piece of technology, what would it be?
  4. Where do you usually hang-out? Where can we most likely see you?
  5. Why do you think is it more fun in the Philippines?
  1. What is the best TV network: ABS-CBN, GMA 7, or TV 5? Why?
  2. Which celebrity do you think will make it big this year? Why?
  3. Who is your ultimate celebrity crush and why?
  4. Who is the most obnoxious celebrity we have today? Why?
  5. Can you tell us a well-kept showbiz secret that many of us don't know?
You may also add some more questions and answer them yourself so I could add it to the blog entry. I can’t wait for your reply.

Kindly email this back to nashty_182000@yahoo.com.

Til then…
xoxo Nash


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