What's Your New Year's Resolution?

I asked my readers: What is your New Year's resolution? They have spoken and the votes are all in. With a total of 38 votes, with only 5 of the 8 choices checked, most of my readers have agreed that they want to lose weight this year. That's 44% of the total number of votes.

new year's resolution

This is actually not surprising as almost everyone I know wants to be fitter and healthier this year. Seriously, every year we want to be able to fit in those skinny jeans and look taller and more appealing. I hope most of us get to accomplish this lifelong dream.

Runner up is finding love with 23% of the total number of votes. Looking for a potential partner is indeed hard. People go out on dates, search through social networking sites, attend social events but still end up single in the end. Why is it so hard to find that special someone? This explains why lovelife placed second this year.

There's a triple tie for the third spot: quit bad habits like smoking, drinking, drugs, work harder, and save more. I'm not surprised as well with these results. But I really think that saving more is necessary these days. You'll never know what's gonna happen tomorrow.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this poll. A new poll will be up soon.

Til then...

xoxo Nash


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