Facebook Home Coming to Android This April

Facebook has introduced Home for Android. It's a launcher that replaces your default homescreen with a "Cover Feed" - a tool which gives you a gesture-operated aggregation of your friends' posts, pictures, statuses, etc. Facebook Home will be available on Google Play on April 12 on a select number of smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S4, S III and Note II and the HTC One and One X+. 

Here's Cover Feed in action - holding a finger over an image will open it up in fullscreen, while double-tapping will "Like" the picture.

Facebook Home also introduces a feature called "Chat Heads" - upon receiving a message you'll get a floating notification showing you the image of the sender. Chat Heads styling is applied both to normal texts and Facebook messages alike.

Facebook Home has some gestures that are designed to help with notifications too. Holding a finger over a single notification will stack all of them and give you the option to dismiss.


Til then...

xoxo Nash


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