The Samsung Galaxy S4 Boasts 9 Sensors

The recently announced Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most well-equipped smartphones around. And it's no surprise that Samsung's latest flagship smartphone is armed with a smorgasboard of sensors. These include the standard sensors, found on most smartphones: accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, magnetometer (digital compass), and proximity sensor.

galaxy s4
Image by GSMArena
But for Samsung, these sensors don't seem enough. That's why it has thought of adding more sensors such as the humidity sensor, gesture , barometer, hall, and RGB light sensors. While some of these sensors may seem gimmicky, the true test would be how useful these sensors could be in reality.

galaxy s4
Image by GSMArena
The barometer is used for quicker GPS locks and also calculates how many calories an individual has burned when running. The gesture sensor is there for Air Gestures to work. The humidity/temperature sensor is used by S Health to calculate comfort level. The RGB light sensor is something that the Galaxy S III already has. The hall sensor has something to do with the S View Cover.

So, are you guys blown away by the number of sensors the Galaxy S4 has? Will you be using all 9 sensors?


Til then...

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