Windows Phone Apps to Increase Significantly in 2013

In a survey done by the Aberdeen Group, 348 enterprise application developers were asked which mobile platforms they've released or were planning on releasing their products to. Unsurprisingly, iOS and Android came out on top because of both platforms' profitability. Surprisingly, Microsoft's mobile OS's saw some great responses by developers, with the Windows Phone and Surface Tablet having 25% and 35%, respectively, of developers planning on releasing apps within the next 12 months.

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In light of what looks like a bright future for Microsoft, the news is not so good for BlackBerry. Despite the release of the BlackBerry 10 OS, businesses have seemingly lost faith in the Canadian company, due to their oft-delayed operating system, and unclear plans for the future, especially with regard to its PlayBook tablet.


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Well, Windows 8 phone are also pretty awesome after Android and iPhone. It is pretty fast to use and have some great features which I like very much.
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