Restaurant Review: Lido Cocina Tsina

Lido Cocina Tsina started as a panciteria in 1936. Fast forward to 2014, it now has branches in different parts of Metro Manila and some nearby provinces. While they serve mainly Chinese food, the presentation and taste of their dishes are pretty much Filipinized. Among its bestsellers are the pugon-roasted asado, manchurian wings, and lechon macau.

lido cocina tsina
Image by Lido Cocina Tsina
Lido Cocina Tsina (Shaw) has a seating capacity of about 30 people. The place is air-conditioned. In terms of interior design, it's basically plain with a few Chinese-inspired accents. They have sufficient number of staff who are attentive to your needs. They are very warm and accommodating. And there is free Wi-Fi too.

lido cocina tsina
Manchurian Chicken
We've ordered several items from their menu including the pugon-roasted asado, manchurian wings, lechon macau, fish fillet, wanton mami, and dimsum. Everything is really good and very affordable. My favorite among them is the yang chow fried rice! It's super good.

Lido Cocina Tsina is great for families, professionals, and groups of friends who enjoy eating affordable Chinese food. Budget needed is about PhP200 per person on average. They accept cash and credit card transactions. They are open daily from 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM. They accept reservations, walk-ins, delivery, and take-outs. Parking is available in front of the establishment (This is for the Shaw Boulevard branch). They have at least 12 branches in Mega Manila.

RATING: 4 out of 5 STARS

Contact Details
Address: 547 Shaw Boulevard, Wack Wack, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City
Contact No.: (632) 7255436

Note: Lido Cocina Tsina did not pay me for this review.

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