The ASUS ZenFlash & LolliFlash

ASUS has unveiled two new camera accessories for the ZenFone 2. Introducing the ZenFlash, which is a dongle that comes with a xenon flash that connects to your ASUS smartphone using a USB OTG connection. The flash created is said to be 400 times as bright as your typical LED flash.

asus zenflash and asus lolliflash
Image by Engadget
Aside from the ZenFlash dongle, ASUS has also released the LolliFlash. It's quite a funny name for an accessory but it is basically a two-tone LED flash in a circular lollipop-looking package. It can be used with any smartphone (not just the ZenFone 2) and works more like a flashlight/torch than an actual flash. It will come with three protective covers: red, yellow and blue, which also double as a filter. There is no information on pricing and availability for both ASUS accessories.


Til then...

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