Christina Aguilera Philippines Launches 'Lotus'

To say that the 'Lotus' album launching in the Philippines was successful is an understatement. It was a resounding success in many aspects. For one, it has gathered the biggest crowd ever for a Christina Aguilera album launch event (at least in the Philippines). After the event, Odyssey Live announced that Christina Aguilera's Lotus managed to beat One Direction's album sales (previous record-holder) on a single day. This makes Lotus the best-selling album on its launch date in the country. Not bad!

christina aguilera
Image by Merlito
So here's how the venue looked like. As you could see, aside from tarpaulins and banners, there are makeshift pink Lotus flowers and pink balloons. Game and raffle prizes, which consist of Christina Aguilera albums and magazines, were on the table as well. Songs from Lotus were played non-stop that you'd get LSS. It was hosted by Christina Aguilera Philippines' stalwarts Vincent, Merlito, et al.

christina aguilera
Image by Mark Mendoza
Some of the games played include Pictionary, Pinoy Henyo, and several other group games. I was lucky enough to be handpicked to participate in the Pinoy Henyo game but I lost. I got a CD as a consolation prize. Not bad! I had fun anyway.

christina aguilera

Then they also had a raffle draw where winners received limited edition Christina Aguilera CDs and magazines. One of my new found friends was lucky to have won a 2012 W Magazine where Xtina was featured on the cover.

christina aguilera
Prince with the W Magazine he won from the raffle
Yes, Odyssey has provided a CD rack dedicated only to Christina Aguilera's 'Lotus' album. Stocks were moving so fast resulting in an impending Lotus album shortage.

christina aguilera

To those who were not able to come or were shy to attend the event, here's what I have to say. I didn't know anybody from the event personally but the hosts were so nice and accommodating. They would treat you like you've been friends with them for a long time already. It was nice being with the company of fellow Fighters.

christina aguilera
Image by Prince
christina aguilera
Image by Martin Bautista
All in all, the event was so successful that everybody went home happy...Odyssey staff, the hosts, Christina Aguilera Philippines, and the Filipino fighters themselves. I only hope that they always come up with events like this every time Christina Aguilera achieves a major milestone in her career.

christina aguilera

Congratulations again to everyone who made this event possible. Kudos to all! You all made Christina Aguilera proud.

By the way, Lotus is already out so be sure to grab a copy of it on iTunes,, or Christina's website. A deluxe version of the album is also available.

If you still can't get enough of the queen, follow Christina Aguilera's official Twitter account: @Xtina.

Also LIKE her official Facebook Fan Page: Christina Aguilera.

Be sure to check out her official YouTube VEVO Channel: CAguileraVEVO.

Fighters from the Philippines can also LIKE and FOLLOW: Christina Aguilera Philippines and its Twitter account.

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Til then...

xoxo Nash


You guys ROCKS.
I'm Thai and I'm dying to be there.
So jealous of how supportive you guys are for our Queen.

Thank you. Wish you were there. Let's keep supporting Xtina no matter what!

dtuibeo said...

Too bad I couldn't go. too far for me. considering that I'll still have to go work the I was there during the release of bionic. did not make friends although I was hoping... too shy to approach anyone. I would have loved to meet fellow Xtina fans. ::(

Mico said...

Hi... I'm a fan since Genie.. I was just 8 that time but I know Christina Aguilera is my favorite... until now she's number 1 for me... I didn't go to the event because I'm shy... I hope there'll be an even for Fighters again..
thanks for sharing this blog.

Stripped Fighter Serbia said...

Finally a country that KNOWS what REAL MUSIC IS!
This is absolutely amazing.
I wish that something like this could happen in my country but I'm not that lucky.
Much love and respect from Fighters from Serbia.

Reading all your comments, I'm humbled and very lucky to have participated in such an event! I'm sure some day, you guys will be able to participate in such an event as well.

I hope so :)
You all should be very proud!This is such amazing gesture of support and love.
You sure made Queen Xtina proud!

Inno said...

I am sure that she see this, she might call you out when she tours in your city. I am so happy for yall

I hope so too! Fighters from Xtina Philippines love her so much!

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