The Best Twitter Parody Account Goes To...

The votes are all in. The poll is now closed. It's now time to announce the winners. Mind you, a total of 398 votes have been cast in a span of more than 3 weeks. This is no joke!

twitter parody account

@LoviPoeKiMo has been voted as the best Twitter parody account by netizens. Read more about @LoviPoeKiMO here. Congratulations!

twitter parody account

Here's your Walk of Fame award!

twitter parody account

First runner-up award goes to @OfficialCharing. You put up a good fight! Read more about @OfficialCharing here.

twitter parody account

A shoutout to @BBJamesYap aka Bimby KalerQUI for garnering the most number of views among Twitter Parody accounts on my blog. He has garnered 739 views (at the time of writing) and still counting. Read more about @BBJamesYap here.

twitter parody account

Once again, congratulations to all the winners!

Til then...

xoxo Nash


Thanks you so much POE. Ahihihihihi.

Congratulations to you and to the four other contenders! Pinicturan ko pa talaga yung star na may name mo just for this. Hehe!

Yey, I won...sort of! Kasi I had Yaya go make renta all the computer shops in their barrio eh. Hehehehehe. #kalerQUI

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